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Dear members of the press,

Great thanks for your attention to the 17th ChinaJoy!

This year’s media cooperation will be launched from February 26 to March 31, 2019. And the official media partners would share specified privileges. 

For media cooperation, please contact:


Ms. Li                                       

E-mail: leah_li@howellexpo.net       

Dear members of the press,

Great thanks for your attention to the 17th ChinaJoy!

From June 1 - July 31, 2019, we will open an online registration system for those who missed the chance for media cooperation. Through this system, you can sign up for one-time media passes. Besides, we will provide a service in which the non-contract media may apply for temporary press pass at the Media Service Counter in Shanghai New International Expo Center during August 2-5, 2019, with 2 personal business cards, personal ID of each applicant required to be presented to the Organizer at the ChinaJoy scene.

The pass is open to media for making application, and is only open to non-cooperative media; each non-contract media can only make one application during the expo, and can only apply for a maximum of two Media Passes. No person, but the applicants themselves, can receive the pass on behalf of others. The Organizer does not guarantee all applications successful, and reserves the rights of final interpretation.
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