BATCon Five Sections, Present Splendid Views!
Released in 2018-06-06


Co-sponsored by: Howell International Trade Fair LTD.

3AM Community

Supported by: Xiong’an Global Blockchain Innovation Fund


Liyu (Shanghai) Culture Technology Co., Ltd.


(Ⅱ)Introduction to the conference

The first Global Blockchain Application and Technology Conference (BATCon) is jointly organized by Howell International Trade Fair LTD.and the 3AM community, supported by Xiongan Global Blockchain Innovation Fund, INBlockchain, andLiyu (Shanghai) Culture Technology Co., Ltd.The two-day conference will focus on the theme of “ChainUp the Future, Dirve the World” and invite relevant government authorities and research institutes as well as high-end individuals in the industry to gather together to deliver speech on the cutting-edge dynamics, core technologies, capital forms, and scenarios applicationsto share authoritative analysis of mainstream trends and future prospects, providing insights into the future of ecological development.


(Ⅲ)Sections of conference

August 4th Morning,Section 1: Restructuring the New World of Value

August 4th Afternoon, Section 2: Key Technologies Creating a Trust Economy

August 4th Afternoon, Section 3: Chain Capital

August 5th Morning,Section 1: Blockchain related ecology and cooperation opportunities

August 5th Afternoon,Section 2: Pan-entertainment applications under the token economy


Countdown to the event:


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