2018 CDEC conference
Released in 2019-03-15CJ

The conference highlights the theme of the new era, conforms to the requirements of mainstream values. The theme of the conference is “New healthy entertainment, New value for games”, throughout the new requirements and development on the aspect of function, content of the digital entertainment in a new historical context. In terms of the speech content, online content discussion dialogue link highlighting the mainstream of the era is newly added. Cooperate with people.com.cn and carry out the dialogue section of “Product expression to enhance cultural confidence” in the CDEC summit forum by inviting the leaders of the representative enterprises in the industry to discuss in dialogues.


2018 CDEC will interpret the connotation and strength of digital entertainment industry and promote the healthy, orderly and rapid development of China's digital entertainment industry. 2018 CDEC will be adjusted and upgraded again to deconstruct the new consumption content brought by digital entertainment upgrading from different fields. During the period of this year’s ChinaJoy, China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC) and Global Game Industry Summit, 2018 Global E-sports Conference will also be held.


Global Game Industry Summit


In line with the development trend of the global game industry, and to satisfy the new requirements of the rapid development of the global game industry, the summit will bring together top talents in the global game industry, deeply analyze the development rules of the game industry, and extensively discuss the frontier topics of the game industry, release the trend of the game industry in an authoritative manner, support the national brands of the game industry, vigorously promote the game innovation, and promote the healthy, orderly and rapid development of China's game industry in an all-round way. The theme of the summit of this year is: “to create new value to games”. Based on the diversified development needs of game functions in China, we invite different types of game business representatives such as mobile game, VR game, independent game, H5 game, small program game and game of teaching in fun to gather together and to share the game research & development and to promote the successful experience of their respective fields with insiders.


2018 Global E-sports Conference


In order to promote the standard and healthy development of China’s e-sports vigorously, to promote the strategic process of Shanghai’s building “The world's e-sports capital” vigorously, to improve the global competitiveness of China’s e-sports industry and to deliver the voice of China's e-sports industry, we will invite national industry competent departments, Shanghai government officials, global e-sports industry organizations and the leaders of well-known e-sports enterprises to attend and give speeches in the 2018 Global E-sports Conference to publicize the new measures to develop China's e-sports industry, and discuss the new trend of the development of global e-sports industry from various angles, dimensions and fields. As the joint guiding units for this summit, Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau and the People’s Government of Pudong New Area of Shanghai invite leaders from the Digital Publishing Department of the State Press and Publication Administration and Shanghai Municipal Government to attend the summit and give speeches. For this summit we will invite seniors of the e-sports enterprises from all over the world and industry organizations to gather in Shanghai in August to publicize the new measures for the development of China's e-sports industry and publish the cutting-edge views on the development of global e-sports industry.   


All kinds of conferences of 2018 ChinaJoy shine brightly with the gathering of entrepreneurs. Focused on the theme of the conference, many important guest speakers from all over the world will share the development strategies of Chinese and foreign enterprises and the strategies for the comprehensive layout of the multi-entertainment field with you. This is a “gathering for digital entertainment leaders” in China or even all over the world, all the attendants will regard it as a rewarding trip with plenty of gains.


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