As the fifth-generation mobile communication network, 5G has a theoretical peak transmission speed up to tens of gigabytes per second, which is hundreds of times faster than the transmission speed of the current 4G network.

The 17th edition of ChinaJoy, just like previous years, will bring together brands, products and new technologies, as well as exciting game product demonstrations that are extremely popular with the general public.

At present, the proportion of male and female players in the Chinese game market is roughly the same, and even sometimes the proportion of female players is slightly higher than that of male players.

It is believed that ChinaJoy, as always, will bring joy and touching to the audience and also enable enterprises and companies to have a deeper understanding of the development of digital entertainment industry and the needs of the broad market.

New Healthy Entertainment, New Value for Games

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2018 CDEC conference

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About CDEC

2018 CDEC,exploring the development trend of digital entertainment industry

BATCon Five Highlights, Fully Interpret the Industry!

BATCon Four Concurrent Events, Bring Exciting Experience!

BATCon Five Sections, Present Splendid Views!

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Up to now, the 16th ChinaJoy booth reservation is in full swing.

August 3-6, 2018, the 16th ChinaJoy will be opened gorgeously at Shanghai New International Expo Center.

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A raft of virtual reality-ready product launches during ChinaJoy, the country's most influential gaming fair, has lifted the lid on the thriving Asian VR development scene.

CHINA'S “Belt and Road” initiative aims to create a modern version of the Old Silk Road, but instead of exporting products like silk and porcelain, it is providing a conduit to take the mainland’s game and entertainment services to the world.

A mobile game based on the hit TV series Game of Thrones as well as e-sport or game competition were highlights at ChinaJoy, or the China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, over the past four days.

Rather than updating hardware, companies are focusing more on releasing innovative content and enhanced gameplay experiences for VR venues.

From this year's ChinaJoy show, we can see that nearly all publishers are offering on-site esports events, to attract visitors as well as promoting their legacy or upcoming titles.

THE virtual reality market “is not in winter” because “everything has warmed up” as overseas giants are offering localized services for over 500 million Chinese game players, industry officials said at Chinajoy yesterday in Shanghai.

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